Banixx Products
Banixx™ Benefits:
•No steroids or antibiotics
•No odor and therefore does not create fear    in the
animal (horse or pet)
•Non-irritating, tissue-friendly formula
•Environmentally friendly
•Does not cauterize infected tissue, so does not
limit aid to mere surface healing
•Non-staining and no added dyes
•Made in the USA!
Banixx™ Wound and Hoof Care is produced by the
Sherborne Corporation in North Carolina, USA, a
company exclusively formed for the development of
Banixx™ Wound and Hoof Care. It is available in Quart
and Pint size spray bottles (shown at left).
Banixx™ supports the healing of wounds and skin
fungus/irritations not only on horses, but on all animals.  
Veterinarians have reported many success stories using
Banixx™ on horses, cats and dogs. In addition  there are  
reports of Banixx™ being used successfully on chickens,
a falcon, an iguana, alpacas, show cattle, cats/kittens,
dogs/puppies, an elk, and ferrets.
Two years of testing by a highly-credentialed research veterinarian,
produced credible, documented results that allowed Banixx™ Wound and
Hoof Care to  be brought to market. His findings were published in the July
2005 issue of the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, the official journal
of the World Equine Veterinary Association.
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