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Corona Udder Butter is a lanolin-enriched moisturizing
ointment formulated to protect and help relieve the
discomfort of chapped, sore, raw udder and teats.

Udder Butter’s smooth, easy-spreading formula lubricates
and softens painful, cracked, tender, or abraded udder and
teats. Massaged into the affected areas, Udder Butter eases
the discomfort of sensitive skin and helps restore moisture
balance to painful, parched surfaces, providing comfort and
healthy suppleness
For 100 years, Corona Ointment has been protecting skin
while controlling its moisture balance for prompt healing. Due
largely to its high lanolin content, Corona ointment adheres
well to the skin for long-lasting protection. Corona Multi-
Purpose ointment contains 30% Lanolin. Clinical tests,
conducted at leading veterinary college, have demonstrated
Corona’s effectiveness in the healing of minor wounds.
Corona Hoof Dressing stays soft and creamy, even when
cold, to protect the hoof from drying out, cracking, splitting.
Loaded with lanolin to preserve vital moisture balance, it
helps maintain strength in coronet, wall, frog, sole, heels.
Corona Hoof Dressing is excellent for hoof packs and in the
treatment of quarter cracks. Contains the same superior
ingredients as Corona Ointment.
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