Cut Heal Products
Cut-Heal Hoof Heal 5-1 Hoof Care for Horses, Cattle, Sheep &
Goats. Aids in maintaining a healthy frog, sole, heel and coronary
band. Aids in preventing brittle, cracked hoof wall and heel. Allows
hoof to breathe. An all weather easy brush-on-formula. Deep and
rapid penetration with one application providing 3-5 days protection.
Liquid Freeze separates itself from most topical analgesics with its
quick, deep, penetrating pain relief and its dual action performance.
With the use of a carrier from South America, Liquid Freeze creates an
initial freezing effect when applied to an area experiencing pain and
swelling. When the area is covered the area warms up without making
you feel uncomfortable or irritating skin. Usually within less than six
minutes Liquid Freeze will become vaporless, stainless and greaseless!
After 35 plus years of remarkable wound care results and numerous
product awards for performance
Cut Heal's Multi+Care continues to
be the product of choice! Wound care without bandaging that provides
a protective barrier; reduces the attractiveness of the wound for flies;
discourages licking and biting of an irritated area and in most cases
hair regrowth comes back in the original color. "Hard To Beat Cut
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