Equine America Products
Equine America B-L® Paste helps with the discomfort
associated with normal daily exercise. It contains Devil's
Claw and Yucca, two of nature's most powerful herbs, as
well as Vitamin B-12. B-L® earned top honors from Horse
Journal in 2007, 2005 and 2000, maintaining its position in
the market as the top-ranked natural pain relief formula.
B-L® eases aches and discomfort caused by training and
Equine America Medicated Iodine Shampoo with conditioners,
aloe and lanolin.
Equine America Liquid Ultra pure MSM helps to maintain normal
healthy cartilage and joint function. MSM is a naturally occurring
source of bioavailable sulfur to help maintain joint mobility.
Equine America Sheath Cleaner has a special pH balanced formula
of Australian tea tree oil and gentle cleaners and is used for routine
washing and removal of accumulated body oils and dirt from a male
horse’s sheath. It also works great for cleaning between the teats of a
mare’s udder
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