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Horseshoer's Secret® Hoof Sealant seals in essential moisture
under dry conditions. Keeps excessive moisture out under wet, soggy
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Hoof wall must be clean and dry prior to
application. Apply weekly, or as needed, to hoof wall. Begin
approximately 1/2 inch below coronary band and continue down hoof
wall. Do not use on bulbs of heel or coronary band. Allow to dry before
applying additional coats if required.
Vetrolin® Bath Is a premium quality, high sudsing shampoo. This
protein-enriched conditioning shampoo washes away dirt and dandruff
with a rich, thick lather. It protects skin and coat with conditioners,
Vitamin E and PABA sunscreen, and rinses out quickly and easily
leaving the coat shiny and manageable.
Available in 32 oz. and 64 oz. sizes
Great for dogs, too!
Vetrolin® Shine is a ready-to-use spray that puts a brilliant shine on
coats, manes and tails It.contains salon-quality silicone, conditioners,
Vitamin B5, and PABA sunscreen. It also protects coat from stains,
dust and weather as it detangles manes and tails. Vetrolin Shine won't
make hair brittle and minimizes breakage. Available in 32 oz. with
sprayer and 64 oz. sizes
Wound-Kote™ is formulated for surface wounds, minor cuts and skin
abrasions. It coats the wound, disinfects it and aids in early scab
formation. Wound-Kote is not easily rubbed or washed off and is an
aid against bacterial infections common in skin lesions. Available in 5
oz. non-fluorocarbon aerosol.
Equi Aid Strongyle Wormer (pyrantel tartrate) Equine
Anthelmintic is a daily dewormer that controls 18 of the
most common species and stages of equine parasites. It
is both palatable and economical.
Single Strength (1.06%) pyrantel tartrate
Available in a 25 lb bucket
IverCare® (ivermectin) Paste 1.87%
provides broad-spectrum parasite
protection. It is the only ivermectin that
treats horses up to 1500 lbs. in one dose.
Available in the easy-to-use, Sure-Grip™
syringe. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Blue Lotion Antiseptic Wound Dressing & Gall Lotion is a
quick-drying, deep-penetrating wound dressing and gall lotion to aid in
the treatment of surface wounds, minor cuts and abrasions, harness
galls and saddle sores. The handy dauber bottle is excellent for use
on animals skittish about aerosol application.
For use on horses and dogs. Available in a 4 oz. dauber bottle.
Go Max is a quality vitamin-iron-mineral feed supplement for horses. It
contains 94% iron (per oz) and sorbitol with a highly palatable
combination of cherry and yucca flavorings. Mix 1-2 oz into daily feed
ration or feed orally with a dose syringe. 1 gallon lasts about 2 months.
Farnam® Fluid Flex "The Joint Solution" is an exclusive formula with
the 3 most preferred ingredients for healthy joints. It contains the
perfect balance of glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate and potent
Farnam® Furall Aerosol Powder is a topical application for use on
horses and ponies for prevention or treatment of bacterial incections
of superficial wounds, abrasions, and lacerations due to
Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus spp, and Proteus ssp
sensetive to furazolidone.
Cough Free® Powder is a natural formula of nine herbs and
minerals which helps horses to fight off colds, allergies and heave-
related symptoms and it contains no fillers.
Scarlex® is a soothing, slow-drying antiseptic dressing for minor
surface lesions, surface wounds, cuts, burns and superficial
dermatitis. It contains scarlet oil and P-Chloro-M-Xylenol, a powerful
germicide. Scarlex is non-irritating; helps relieve itching and aids in
rapid healing.
Special natural ingredients are combined to give Rain Maker™
hoof moisturizer its unique "Triple Action" - attraction of moisture to
the hoof, absorption of moisture and retention of the moisture once
it has been absorbed. It is an advanced-formula hoof dressing that
leaves hooves stronger and more pliable. It penetrates deep to
improve texture and elasticity while enhancing color and sheen.
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