Healthy Haircare Products
Healthy HairCare Shampoo Plus™ - A thick protein enriched,
conditioning shampoo that gently cleanses and helps to condition
the hair and skin. Regular use helps to promote a healthy, shiny hair
coat without dulling or drying out the hair and maintaining a healthy
glowing shine. A deep cleaning non stripping shampoo.
Healthy HairCare's Stay Away™ Fly & Bug Repellent is an
intense blend of natural oils, proven to be effective protection
against flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other biting insects.
Old Timer’s Wheat & Oat Horse Soap™ - Age old natural
ingredients like Wheat, Oat, Chamomile and Aloe Juice are carefully
blended into a rich lathering deep cleaning gentle horse soap.

Old Timer’s Wheat & Oat Horse Soap™ leaves horse’s skin, coats,
manes & tails conditioned, clean, soft and shiny.
Super Bands come in large 1/4 pound bags with
approximately 1300-1400 per bag. There are 5 colors to
match your needs -  Black, White, Grey, Brown/Chestnut,
and  Red/Sorrel.
Mane & Tail Brush with a curved grip
handle & pin bristles.
Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and
Old Timer’s Hoof Dressing - Superior penetration into the hoof
wall, where it works to treat and prevent splitting and cracking while
enhancing the natural beauty of the hoof.
For over 100 years this All Natural, Pennsylvania AMISH recipe has
been keeping horses hooves flexible and strong.
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