Lease A Horse

Leasing a horse is a fantastic and affordable way to get into the swing of horse
ownership without taking the huge leap of buying a horse. Leasing can also be a
rewarding experience paving the way to owning your own horse. Each of our horses
has it's own tack, which is provided with the lease as well as all vet and farrier
services. Our stable hours are from 11 am until 8 pm, Monday through Sunday (we are
closed on holidays), allowing ample time for you to come out and enjoy your horse.
El-Farro is a 34 year old Polish Arab trained in
We recommend an experienced rider for El-Farro. He
is very gentle.

You can lease El-Farro for $175.00/month.
Sierra is a 23 year old thoroughbred former race
horse who then spent 5 years on the Polo circuit.
She is a good all around English rider.
Sierra is suitable for novices to experienced riders.

You can lease Sierra for $175.00/month.
Lil Texas Red is an 12 year old Appendix Quarter  
horse. Lil Texas Red has been trained in Western
Riders of Lil Texas Red must be experienced.

You can lease Lil Texas Red for $200.00/month.
Eddie is a 28 year old former race horse who loves to
jump. Eddie stands 16 hands and is very gentle.
We recommend Eddie for any age of rider and he is
an excellent choice for beginners.

You can lease Eddie for $200.00/month.
Our unofficial barn greeters. They are not ridable,
just pettable.

Free for everyone to pet!
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