Mustad Products
Thrushbuster® forms a cleaner barrier and deters dirt and manure
penetration into the healthy frog. Unique color tells you where it’s
doing the job, with a fresh coat needed only where the color has
faded. It is more effective than commercial preparations, yet milder to
sensitive tissue than bleaches, copper sulfate, or turpentine.
Thrushbuster® can also be used before applying sole pads and
silicon to toughen thin-soled feet. Available in a handy 2 oz. bottle to
ensure easy application.
Tuff Stuff® is a hoof conditioner and toughener that is also a show
quality cosmetic. Strengthen brittle, shelly, mushy, or cracked hoof
walls - Protect scuffed toes - Guard against fungus, caustics, and
bacteria - Maintain hoof wall’s natural moisture Tuff Stuff® helps make
a horseowner’s life easier and a farrier’s job more effective.
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