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Original M-T-G has been providing quick and effective relief from numerous
skin ailments since 1938! Originally formulated for humans, this safe and easy
to use product is the only one needed for relief from a variety of bacterial and
fungal skin problems, such as : • Rain Rot • Scratches • Girth Itch • Sweet Itch
• Dry Skin • Tail/Mane Rubbing Original M-T-G provides results after just one
application! Formulated to eliminate the causative agent creating the skin
problem, it conditions the skin and hair around the damaged area, promoting
both healthy skin and maximum hair growth. In fact, Original M-T-G has
proven to work exceptionally well promoting hair growth. Users report up to 3
inches of new growth on manes and tails in a single month. Original M-T-G
creates a healthy environment for the hair follicle, resulting in maximum
growth while keeping the length of the hair shaft soft and pliable for minimum
breakage. Original M-T-G is a time-tested, user-supported solution to both
skin healing and hair growth in a single bottle. An oil-based product that does
not require washing or water for application, it is not only easy to use, but
great for cold weather. Original M-T-G is also safe and effective on dogs and
other animals’ skin problems, such as hot spots, itching and dry skin
Hi Shine is a powerful clarifying shampoo with a rich, foamy lather that lifts
dirt and rinses easily with no residue. Hi Shine leaves coat, mane, and tail
squeaky clean, manageable, and sleek with a great shine. Whether applied
straight or diluted, Hi Shine is gentle enough to be used safely on a regular
basis. Hi Shine is formulated to cut through the oils in Original M-T-G, leaving
coat clean and free of build up.
Magic Sheen was voted by The Horse Journal as a top choice for producing
a maximum, oil free shine that will last for several days. Magic Sheen hair
polish is a specially formulated silicone blend that produces maximum shine
and a lustrous, healthy coat. Our unique formula can be used on wet or dry
hair to easily detangle and condition mane and tail. Magic Sheen will give your
horse’s coat the feel of satin and reduce grooming time by coating the hair
shaft and repelling dirt and stains.
Mane Mousse is an essential, time saving braiding and banding aid. When
applied to mane before braiding, Mane Mousse gives the ideal amount of grip,
decreasing braiding time and cramped fingers. Without being sticky or slick,
braids are tighter, bands are neater, and stray hairs, even in humidity and
wind, are diminished. Mane Mousse’s foamy texture creates waves, body and
shine in long manes, tails, and feathered legs. Mane Mousse tames those
unruly manes and makes them behave beautifully.
No.1 Light Oil adds a light shine to the coat, enhances the face, and adds
conditioning oils to skin. No. 1 Light Oil is helpful while pulling a mane when
applied to the base, or while shedding out coats by allowing hair follicles to
slip out without irritating the skin. When detangling manes and tails, use No. 1
Light Oil to loosen knots and mats
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