Sweet PDZ
What is Sweet PDZ?

Zeolites were formed from volcanic activity millions
of years ago, and it should be stressed, that all
zeolites have unique characteristics and abilities.  
The clinoptilolite (Clino) that comprises Sweet PDZ
is one of the very best at ammonia absorption and
odor neutralization.
Classic/Powder: This is the original Sweet PDZ product that was introduced in 1983. The
key advantage of this small particle size is the fact that a person can more thoroughly and
comprehensively cover the wet spot or problem area. This results in a faster acting
performance of absorbing and adsorbing the ammonia and odor. Many Sweet PDZ users
translate this faster performance to better performance, and will swear that the Sweet PDZ
Classic/Powder outperforms Granular.
Sweet PDZ is highly effective in eliminating odors in Cat Boxes & Dog Runs too...

Sweet PDZ was never just meant to be for horses even though it’s packaged and marketed
as a “horse stall refresher”.  After all, isn’t ammonia really just ….well…. “ammonia”; whether
it is being produced by a dog, cat, horse or elephant.

Sweet PDZ is very effective in neutralizing and eliminating dog and cat urine and feces
odors.  It also works well to neutralize and eliminate what some folks refer to as, “doggie”
odors.  It also works very well when sprinkled on pet “mistakes”.  Old dried up spots, or
recent and moist areas can be treated for odor simply by sprinkling Sweet PDZ over the
soiled area.  Sweet PDZ granules will work safely on all types of carpets and flooring,
furnishings and fabrics.

Sprinkle Sweet PDZ in the area where odors are noticeable and let it sit until the odors have
been eliminated.  Depending on the concentration and amount of ammonia and odors that
are present, it may take Sweet PDZ minutes or several hours to perform effectively.  Just
allow a reasonable time for Sweet PDZ to work, and then vacuum or sweep it up.

Sweet PDZ is a fantastic litter additive...

Use Sweet PDZ in combination with cat box litter for complete aroma protection.  Unlike most
litters that contain a masking scent or perfume, Sweet PDZ captures and eliminates
ammonia and odors by neutralizing them through its unique mineral chemistry.  For great
litter box odor control, simply sprinkle 1/3 cup to a full cup of Sweet PDZ over the top of the
litter.  If you use a traditional clay (non-clumping) litter, you may also choose to sprinkle a
covering of Sweet PDZ on the bottom of the litter box as this is where a lot of urine
accumulates and odors develop.  Additionally, because Sweet PDZ is unscented, it will not
detour the cats from using their litter box.
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