Wired Watchem Video Surveillance Systems
Trailer Camera Systems
Our trailer camera kit comes complete with everything that you would need to
install this system yourself for only $450.00. If you're not a do-it-yourselfer, we can
install this system for around $75.00.

This system also works well as a swimming pool monitor, patio or garage monitor,
front door/entrance monitor....the list goes on and on. Please check out all of the
products and services offered by Watchem at
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Wireless Video Surveillance Systems
The unique features of Trailer Eyes® Plus:
 1. Two outdoor weatherproof booster antennas to ensure maximum signal sending and
2.  New and improved camera clamping base.
Why a clamping base ?
      * Quick setup and mobility
      * The number of horses may vary with each trip, and you can adjust the camera in the
trailer for the best angle.
      * For an overnight camping trip. You can clamp the  camera on a post to monitor you
horse throughout the night, you can sleep a little bit tighter in your tent or living quarters.
      * After the trailering trip, you can use Trailer Eyes everywhere as an easily setup
surveillance camera.  
      * The clamping base itself is a battery case. When another power source is not
available, a 9v battery will operate the camera up to 2 hours in the daytime, and 1 hour
during the night.
      * Use Trailer Eyes as a back-up camera to help you hook up the ball and hitch.
    3.   Trailer Eyes Plus can use all kinds of power sources : A 9v battery, 12v trailer lighting
system power, 12v car lighter jack power, vehicle emergency jump start battery pack, 110 /
240v house power  (optional 110 / 240v power adapter sold separately).

TE-0912 Trailer Eyes ® Plus
2.4Ghz Wireless System

Built for Horse Trailers
Dual Outdoor Booster Antennas
3.5" Monitor and Mounting Bracket
10 Meter Night Vision Range Camera
Clamping Camera Mounting Bracket  
Guaranteed reception

MSRP $219.00
Built for Horse Trailers,
Barn & Foaling

5.8 GHz Wireless
Technology With Less

Dual Outdoor Booster

7" Monitor and
Mounting Bracket

10 Meter Night Vision
Range Camera

Clamping Camera
Mounting Bracket

Up to 1200 ft.
reception range
(restrictions apply)

Instant setup,
no tools required  

MSPR $299.00
TE-0811 B2 Trailer Eyes 5.8Ghz Wireless System
Safety Warning
• These products should not be used by the driver of a motor vehicle while driving.
• To prevent fire or shock hazards, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture.
• Notice to drivers in California and Minnesota: State law prohibits drivers in California and Minnesota from
using suction mounts on their windshields while operating motor vehicles. Other mounting options should
be used.  Watchem Video Surveillance Systems & Trailer Eyes® do not take any responsibility for any fines,
penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of disregarding this notice. (See California Vehicle
code section 26708(a); Minnesota Statutes 2005, section 169.71) Other states may have passed a similar
law, please check your state’s traffic laws and codes.
• Please obey your local traffic laws and codes and
Please Drive Safely.