Midwest Agri Commodities  Sugar Beet Pulp Shreds
Sugar Beet Pulp Shreds: is a co–product of the sugar beet industry, and offer a valuable
feed resource for all types of livestock. Sugar beet pulp shreds are the fibrous portion of
the sugar beet left after the sugars are removed, and is mechanically pressed and dried to
reduce the water content to approximately 9%, Sugar beet pulp fiber is highly digestible,
extremely palatable feed in a form that is considered less dusty than hay.

Typical Analysis: Variation may occur depending on source ( As Fed)
Dry Matter 91.50 %
Moisture 8.50 %
Protein, Crude 8.42 %
TDN  67.78 %
Fiber, Crude  16.62 %
ADF – Acid Detergent Fiber  20.78 %
NDF – Neutral Detergent Fiber  40.40 %
NEL – Net Energy Lactation  70.49 Mcal/lb
NEG – Net Energy Gain  47.38 Mcal/lb
NEM – Net Energy Maintenance 73.20 Mcal/lb
Total Sugars 8.75 %
Fat  0.64 %
Ash  5.69 %
Calcium  1.57 %
Phosphorus  0.07 %
Magnesium  0.30 %
Potassium  0.33 %
Sulfur  0.35 %
Boron  41.17 (PPM)
Manganese 78.70 (PPM)
Zinc  19.21 (PPM)
Copper  14.64 (PPM)
Iron  281.82 (PPM)
Aluminum  236.98 (PPM)
Sodium  833.56 (PPM)

Use and Application:
Sugar beet pulp allows animals to be on full feed and reduces the
danger of bloating and digestive disturbance. For show animals, sugar beet pulp has a
cooling affect and enhances the bloom of the coat for best appearance, and when soaked
in water it provides succulence in the ration. Sugar beet pulp provides a variety in feed
rations, firm’s stools for cleaner pen operation and allows for increased feed intake.
Storage and Handling: Sugar beet pulp shreds can easily be stacked and stored.
Changes in temperature are not harmful if reasonably dry conditions are maintained.
Roaches and weevils will not attack sugar beet pulp shreds nor is it susceptible to rodent
damage. When kept dry, sugar beet pulp shreds can be stored indefinitely
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